I AM THE DREAMER // Meditation for Lucid Awareness




"I just want to thank you for everything. You opened up a world to me, an amazing world of Astral Travels, Meditations and all that good stuff. It really changed me and my view of life :D BTW: Your voice is just...amazing! It's the most relaxing thing i have ever heard!" RC

Welcome to the School of Dreaming!

To be Lucid is to be aware that you are the dreamer of your dream of reality, whether you are awake or asleep. Every thing you see, touch, feel or think is part of your dream. But actually you are the dreamer, dreaming yourself.

When we practice detached, non-judgemental awareness of waking reality we become more lucid in both our sleeping dreams and our waking life. In fact to hold this lucid, non-reactive awareness steady, and not succumb to the illusion of the dream, is the answer not just to Lucid Dreaming but to all things!

It takes practice to hold your attention truly steady for any length of time, but to do so will unlock a deep well of power within you. This is the purpose of meditation.

When we shine this light back onto our true selves - focusing our full attention on the awareness of ourselves as the dreamer and detaching from the dream, we feel huge amounts of creative power being released within us. This is the power we can use to create our world the way we want it. When we are in this place of creative power we act, we do not react. We dream but we do not attach to the dream. This is the path of the Dream Warrior.

This meditation is made to be listened to while fully awake with eyes open. It is a guide that helps us to maintain lucidity while awake - a powerful skill that relates directly to our ability to maintain lucidity in the astral realm.

This guide also encourages us to experience our true nature beyond our conditioning. When we move beyond our learned attachments (attachments to our body, our mind, our personality and beliefs) we become free to travel fluidly through the astral realms.

The dreamer is the creator, the dream the created.


released October 1, 2013



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